Saturday, 31 July 2010

Its Competition Time - Holidays

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Hi everyone, its time for the first ever Make the Day Special challenge!

Would you like to win some stamps???

What you have to do:

As the long summer holidays have just started my mind and a lot of other peoples' are thinking about sun, sea, sand, ice creams and what do you do with bored kids for six weeks, but that last one does not make for card/scrapbooking inspiration, lol. To take part in the competition you need to make an item, anything you like, along the theme of holidays. The rules are that it MUST include stamping of some kind and must be made by you! You do not have to use our stamps but if you do your name will be entered twice. Winner will be chosen at random on Saturday 31st July. Please link up to your blog or online gallery bellow, if you don't have either and want to enter, email your entry to me at

Do invite your friends to take part, the more people who join in the better, we all love checking out other peoples work!!!

The prize is a selection of gorgeous stamps from Unity....

I look forward to seeing all your entries,

Emily x


Karen said...

Oh Oh Oh guess what I will be doing today!!! yayyyyy what a fab prize :)

jo said...

emily ,
can it be any stamp?

Emily said...

Yes any stamps you like :)