Monday, 20 May 2013

For the love of Unity!

A bit of a different post today,I am going to introduce those of you that don't know to the huge diversity of Unity Rubber Stamps. Now,I find Unity a little overwhelming sometimes and I know I'm not alone,so this post is just to showcase a few of the Unity range we stock. 
For a start,in theory,you needn't buy stamps from any other company-a sweeping statement I know,but there truly is something for every taste within the Unity empire ;-)
Shall we begin?
Popular trends. Unity is right on the pulse with these,belting out lots of different ways to explore current trends. The simple chevron,for example. We stock several types of chevron stamps,from different companies,but Unity go a little further bringing you brilliant background chevron stamps like Urban Chevron and Poppy Chevron(currently out of stock,due to its awesomeness)below 

Another trend you might not think to look at Unity for is the Instamatic/Polaroid frame and camera. The Susan K Weckesser Insta-cutie has everything you need,how gorgeous is this?!

So as you can see,Unity offer a lot of very current style stamps with those clean and simple lines that make for gorgeous unfussy cards,and there are many more,just go look

They also cater for vintage lovers (like me :-D )
with gorgeous designs like these from Iron Orchid:

Yum yum,these literally make me giddy with inspiration.

There are also the cutesy drawn type stamps that make brilliant cards:
Nikki Sivils
My Little Shoebox
Cosmo Cricket
There are many more,just make a cuppa,set half an hour aside for drooling purposes and check out this link

And what are Itty Bitty's you might ask? Don't get me started on these little gems! One Itty bitty will see you through a tide of quick and simple cards and tags,and at £4.20 each,they are a very affordable introduction to the vast Unity family. Again,they have every taste provided for and all are red etched red rubber-making perfect impressions in a variety of inks. There are two kinds of Itty Bitty's,some designed by co-brands,some in-store designed. Co-brands are here and store brand are here

Well,there you go! Just a teeny tiny sample of the awesome Unity range. I hope you go check them out-you will not be disappointed!

Lou x


keren said...

Sigh.. So many stamps- so little time! Love Unity!

Papercutsandinkyfingers said...

Hahahaha! I know ,me too :-/