Saturday, 17 August 2013

Seize the Cupcake

.... and whoosh we're back round to Saturday again! .. these weeks are just whizzing by!!

It's Jenny here again and this week I've been playing with another stamp set from Wplus9...Sweet & Treats.
I've used the dies and fillers sets too, they work together really well but are equally fun used independently from each other....

I used the fillers set to add colour to the outlines after die-cutting and they match up really well. I wasn't sure about the white edges on the die-cut pieces at first but I'm coming round to them and they're such fun to mix and match colours and toppings... only drawback is you can't eat them afterwards :0(

...mmmmmm yummy :0)

Thanks for stopping by :0)
Jenny x


Traceyr said...

I hadn't noitced the white edging until you mentioned them Jenny haha think these look fab. :)

Keren Baker said...

This is just delist! Love your colouring & design. They're the only sorts of cakes I'll be eating from now on!

Penny said...

They look so pretty - I might need this set!!