Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sketchy Unity and Quiet Essence

Good morning y'all! This is a card using two sets of lovely Unity stamps. The first set is a gentle lovely one called 'Quiet Essence' and I've added the Itty Bitty set 'Tell Me More'. 
The fab news is that they're both in stock and just pootle over to the store and get yours!

 Quiet Essence looks like this:

It's gorgeous isn't it. You can get it from the Unity section.

The Tell Me More stamp is one of the bargain priced Itty Bitty single stamps and looks like this
I've made this card in response to the Unity Challenge blog. It's a great idea to join in with these as they're great for kick starting those 'minus the mojo moments'. If you want to join in, you kinda need the stamps- but then, you knew that already!
Treat yourself to a set and join in- who knows- you might even win ;-) 

See you soon,

Keren x

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