Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chalkboard Tags!

Good afternoon- wow it's getting scarily closer. I'm so not ready. I've arm knitting and felted soaps and all sorts to make yet. I thought I was organised!! Obviously not.
One thing that we all need tons of are tags. Whether they're being strapped to a present, slung around the neck of a bottle or festooning a gift bag, I never seem to have enough.
I'm using one of my favourite looks- the chalkboard style. I still love it from last year and the trend for it seems not to be abating in a hurry. I haven't even contrasted the white using embossing and normal stamping. There's not even any white shadowing. I've gone for quick and simple.
White stamping.
White smudged ink.
White gel pen picking out highlights.
Easy & fast.

Hope you're getting organised.. I'd love any tips!

See you soon (although I may have to be really organised if I'm going to be posting on Christmas Eve (ha ha)

Happy stamping!

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