Thursday, 5 December 2013

Crazy Critters Go Wild!

Sorry- you've got me again! 
Well- obviously Santa has been raiding Make The Day Special's shelves. Which is fabulous for you guys come Christmas Day but not quite so fun for us poor Design Team who go designing cards and poof- the sets are gone!! Sold out!
On the plus side- the shop is having a BIG restock in January...
But no need to wait until then... this project could easily be done with this set's gnome

Or even this'll have to go direct to the shop to peek- it's a link free post!

Either set would be fun. I wanted to make another one but it red and green and with a tree base- it'd be a really fun Christmas card! 
(In case you hadn't worked it out- that's a bunch of hip and rough penguins doing a motorcycle formation! Except the green one is about to fall off! )

Righto- better scarper. 
If you could tell Santa to leave a couple of sets in the store for my better half that'd be fine and dandy!

Until then- enjoy all your crafty Christmas shopping! 

Keren x

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