Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Purrrfect Kitties


 Hi! Hope your Tuesday is going well. I've some puurrfectly formed little kitties to show you today.
You would be forgiven for wondering where the hula hoops are in this set.. you've not seen them before? Check out the set...
See the hoop? It's the mat!
People ask sometimes how to have ideas that are different from the norm. The secret?
Look at the set in a broad way.
Don't try and match up the different elements initially; i.e. the mat is for the cats to go on top of.. simply look at the shapes. When I saw the elongated oval...I thought 'hula hoop'!
Obviously, she is a smart kitty to hula 3 at once, so the sentiment fits perfectly.
Now, as the cats are unmarked, it's easy to change them... add in new colours of alcohol marker and a little fun with a blending pen and the cat looks so different.
 See the splat.. you can create something similar with this Paper Smooches set
plus some of the gorgeous Silver Deco Foil
I've simply added mats at unusual angles and made sure there was enough of the grey card touching the ground so the card remained balanced. I also added some eyelashes and slight lips to the mouth with a fine liner so it creates a female kitty!

 Add sequins onto both cards to complete them.
Two very different ways to use the same cat stamp- without even touching the extras that go to create cute scenes for the cats.
I've picked this set as there are enough to go around. I'll leave the pampered pets alone for a week or two!
Which pets would you like to see in a stamp set?
Keren xx


Ruthich said...

Brilliant! Need to look at all my sets in a different light :)

Joni Andaya said...

You are AMAZING!!!

Jill Neary said...

wow! *picks jaw back up* amazing!!!!

KT Fit Kitty said...

So adorable! Love this stamp set!

Sarah Gray said...

Fab work, Jill! So clever to create the hula hoops - really made me smile :)

Holly Saveur said...

Super fun cards!

Keren Baker said...

Thankyou! Once you get looking -it's amazing what you can create! x

Keren Baker said...

Aww. Thanks ( blushes..) Xx

Keren Baker said...

Thanks Jill- I had such fun creating them!

Keren Baker said...

I know- isnt it fabulous!! x

Keren Baker said...

Glad I made you smile- we all need extra smiles! x

Keren Baker said...

Thanks so much Holly! x