Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Flying High!

Happy Tuesday everyone! It looks like the perfect day for a flight. I've gone all Mary Poppins on you..remember the 'Let's Go Fly A Kite' song where all the kites take off into the air? I thought the little creatures could do with some freedom too. Ok, there's no kite, but the balloons from Hello Sunshine make a good substitute!
I've also added in the little deer from Into The Woods.. he was the perfect 'weight' at the bottom to make sure they didn't fly too high! I did cut the sentiment into 4 pieces because masking it was going to be too tricky so I've now got extra mileage from my set!

Both sets are in stock & just waiting to be set free! Hope you get time to fly a kite today too ;-)

See you next week,


maria f. said...

Adorable. So light and airy.

Keren Baker said...

Thanks Maria! x