Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Loving Marshmallows!

Hi! What an amazingly beautiful day! I was musing yesterday that most of us can do male Birthday cards- but a card to tell a bloke you love him? 
You don't want to go too cutesy & humour is often the way to go.
I thought this card nearly gets it right..plenty of 'man colours' but with a little pop of colour. The set is this one; 'Love you S'more' from Lawn Fawn
It was only a year or two ago that we learnt what s'mores actually were- in case you're wondering..
They're a campfire staple of graham cracker (kinda a square digestive biscuit), marshmallow and some sort of chocolate. Now hopefully- the little squidgy thing with eyes on my card makes more sense!
Righto- will leave you all salivating about chocolate, biscuits & marshmallows!
See you next week !


Ingrid Kristina V said...

Hi Keren! I must say, I'm not a big fan of marshmallows (weird, I know), but I really really like your card. Cleverly designed! Hope you're well, Ingrid xx

keren said...

I'm with you on the marshmallow front- can just about stomach them in s'mores! Hope you're ok too!