Tuesday, 7 July 2015

1 Die..2 Ways!

Hey! It's sure whizzing around quick- these Tuesdays get closer and closer! Maybe it's just that mad end of term dash. I wanted to show you a really amazing die, that does more than just one thing.
Here's the Lil'Inker die

So first I made it how it's designed...as a treat holder. Perfect for pencils, lollipops, mini pinwheels or decorated straws. I'm sure you could think of other things. It does struggle with a wide straw, so you can see I've squished the straw slightly.
There's another way of flattening it- to add little snips to each circle aperture- at '12', '3', '6' & '9'. I also created a solid back which would make the best pocket to slot a gift card in.
Instead of cutting it out as usual, slot the paper in, so you bypass the holes and create a new pocket shape
I glued this to the reverse of the card- it could be just a backing, or something to slot a voucher or gift card in, or use as a base/layer for a card

 I've used my favourite Teacher stamp set 'A Good Apple'
The second idea? A mini book.
 Simply score a line just after the two holes on as many pages as you want & thread ribbon, twine or D rings through.
 Isn't it the simplest way to make a book- even better for those 'large cards' that you sometimes need when giving a card to one person from a large group of people.
I've given a prettier vibe to the Really Rosemaling set I used the other week
So, two ways with one fantastic die- and I've not even begun to use the little eyelet type dies yet!..that's for another week!
See you next week,
Keren xx

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Talida Ionita said...

WOW! I am always so impressed with the beauties Keren creates!She constantly goes beyond and puts all the resources in good use and in so many ways. Congrats once again, Keren! And many thanks to the MTDS's store owner for bringing us such good products and sharing the passion! Have a lovely day!