Monday, 4 November 2013

A Foxy shaker card

Tomorrow is my eldest daughter's 8th Birthday,and so there was much hinting at what sort of card she wanted. The main thing was that it needs to contain a fox,her most favorite of all animals. This is great as we have a few sets of stamps with foxes on. I went with Paper Smooches Chilly Chums in the end,as she is a very cute fox.  I decided to try making a shaker card using old packaging (when you are a hoarder crafter,you tend to keep all kinds of packaging,don't you?) ,a simple enough process unless of course you are rubbish with measurements like me. So below is the method I used based largely on guess work,and loosely on exact ruler measurements. Ladies and gentlemen,I give you.....THE FOXY SHAKER!

The process....
Measure the shape you are inserting and cut a cavity to fit.

When you are happy with your fit,work on the shape of your card.

Cut a piece of cardstock for your base. Start arranging all the pieces until you are happy with the position. Keep checking that they all fit in the 'view box' of your packaging.

Once happy with the position and fit,glue eveything in place. Bear in mind some shaken items might get stuck onto things like grass try to keep it flat!

If you are adding a paper piece to the front of your card,do so now

I left a wide margin on mine to neaten the edges around the cavity. This will narrow the space,so check it all still fits well!

Apply tape to all the areas you want stuck on the inside of the view box card,and glue the view box into place. Put the sprinkles inside the viewbox and lay the backing card with your picture onto the strips. 

Voila! A 3D shaker card fit for a fox obsessed birthday girl!

Hope you could follow that!



Larisa said...

It is funny so much!!

Keren Baker said...

Awesome. Just plain stupefyingly awesome. So much detail. Sigh! x

Unknown said...

Love this!

Tracy said... she loved it!!