Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mystery Christmas Set!

Morning, morning! I was hunting through my sets and decided to do a Christmas card but using an utterly non seasonal set. Guessed which set?
Milk and Cookies! So which other sets did you use, I hear you ask? None! As soon as I looked carefully at the set., I saw the straw and immediately thought candy canes! Due to the perfect flexible nature of the photopolymer, these babies can be curled & altered. I really took the straw to the max- it only just stayed in that position. Once I curled and stamped to the left, I curled the other way & stamped again.
I trimmed out most of the middle of the milk bottle & around the edge, so we could see the canes showing through.
The wreath? How did I make that? See the closeup...
I used these two elements-

The little circle is the centre of the wreath. The single line (which is normally used as the meniscus) 
I simply curved around a little on my block and put one end on the circle & just systematically moved it around.
Just shows how with a little sneaky thinking you can create something completely unintended from the set.
Go and twist your sets! See what you can come up and PLEASE post a link - we would seriously love to see how you do it too!

Until next Tuesday!

love Keren xx


Unknown said...

Very Clever :)

Julie C. said...

WOW! That is seriously very clever!! ^_^