Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Birthday Scrum!

Happy Tuesday! It's Pancake Day- there'll be lots of pancakes consumed today- and if you eat too many you may end up looking like one of these hippos. However, they all look incredibly happy so maybe these hippos are on to something good!
If you were lucky enough to get this set

then you can make this 'pancake stack' of hippos- otherwise, there's still loads of Lawn Fawn loveliness here- you just need to be quick- the stock is FLYING!

A little technique tip for you- if you're wanting to make this kind of look- post-it notes are your friend. You'll need to stamp the image onto one of them, trim it out really carefully & to create this card, I started at the top, stamped one hippo, then covered it with the hippo post-it 'mask' then stamped below. I kept moving the mask onto the just stamped image and made my way down the card.
You probably can't see very well, but the hippos are actually slightly 3D- 
To do this, I discovered a neat trick a while back whilst waiting for the Glossy Accents to dry. As you're putting a liquid onto cardstock, it does soak in and make the card slightly pliable. I simply rub on the back of my images- you can see where the Glossy Accents is starting to soak in, By gently rubbing in a circular fashion, you can 'push' the image out slightly from behind & give you card an even more dimensional look!

Better go- flipping to do!
See you next week

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