Tuesday, 27 January 2015

It Moose-tache Be Love!

Hi! Hope you're having a fun day.
I realise this card looks like an odd sheep with a dodgy moustache... but bear with me!
Last week I had more plans for this Critters in The Arctic set..
My original plan was for something fun- but then jodpea commented last week about whether my other idea for using this set was going to be a 'moose-tache'.
I'm not one for shying away from a challenge- so, I wanted to create a new character using the animals from this set.. the head is the mooses, the eyes are the owls and the beginnings of the moose-tache are the antlers!

So- with a bit of messing around, adding colours with my alcohol marker pens and a little 'gel-penning', I arrived at this funny fella.
Granted- the sentiment only really makes sense if you get the stamp set- but I'm hoping you can let me have a little punny leeway! I've tucked a simple banner shape from the Sweater Weather papers

 and you have a very silly card for Valentines Day for even the most unsentimental of valentines!
If I have the time, I'll try and create my first idea- but thankyou jodpea for the brilliant suggestion!

See you next week,

Keren xx

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