Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Kings New Clothes & Avery Elle

I'm posting something a little risky today. I've been playing..with paint. The reason that I've titled the post 'The Kings New Clothes' is that any moment you'll realise I actually can't paint and I've just made it up!
Once I'd finished moving paint around, I wanted to stamp a sentiment and a border and this set was perfect
I've used the 'Thanks', the dashed line around the edges and in the next pic you might spot the tiny circle that I've used to highlight the circle. It's a brilliantly versatile set that you might have overlooked but would do for tons of occasions.
Well I'll cut and run… do check out the Avery Elle inks here- they're beautiful!
See you soon,


Unknown said...

Keren,this is breathtaking! <3

Keren Baker said...

Aww thanks. I'm trying to embrace my arty side- and hope it exists!!