Thursday, 2 October 2014

Colour Week Day 4

Wow,colour week is producing some gorgeous cards and great tips isn't it? I hope mine doesn't disappoint as we head towards the weekend. I LOVE Halloween. I tend to go a bit nuts at this time of year with my two most favourite holidays fast approaching. As a result,I have a tendency to buy ALL (and I mean ALL) Halloween and Christmas related stamps. Want to know what (nearly)all Lawn Fawn's Halloween stamp sets look like in one place...? Look no further!

There is a looooot of colouring on this,so maybe grab a coffee and pull up a chair as this is very photo heavy! The sets I used are Lawn Fawn Critters in Costume, Hoppy Halloween, Happy Haunting and So Thankful and their dies. The only sets I didn't use was Trick or Treat and Heebie Jeebies:-)
I use Copic Ciao pens,and I used a white jelly pen to highlight. On the pumpkins I used the white then smudged it straight away to give a more subtle highlight,like this...

This is a bendi fold card,so I guess the easiest way to show it all to you is like a striptease ;-) 
Here is layer one...

Lots of Autumn coloured Copics used in this!
Grey pens,whatever brand you favor,are a great investment. They can be used over other colours to add depth and shading. On the vampire bunny,I used some grey on his cloak where the shadows would be.
On to the next layer! And you can see the white highlights on witches cat :-)

And finally the last photo! This is the card opened up,ta-dah!

My top tip for colouring is to keep a scrap of the same card that you are using beside you and first try colour combos/shading etc on that before committing it to the stamped image,and don't be shy to try seemingly weird combos :-)
I hope all this colouring is inspiring you to try something new-the shops latest challenge is up now and the prize is awesome as ever! Check back in tomorrow for more from:

Lou x


Amie Jeeves said...

Such an incredible card!!!

Julie C. said...

Wow! This card is amazing!! ^_^

ScrapbookingHappy Barnacle said...

Wow!!!! This is fantastic. :)

Louise Doxey said...

Thank you ladies :-) What can I say,I love Halloween ;-) x