Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Which Sets are These?

Hi! I have a little quiz for you today; Spot the Stamp set!
Clue 1. They're all from Avery Elle
Clue 2. Well the sentiment, it's camera related.

What about the shape of the tag?
Those Avery Elle buffs, might recognise this set
Now for the fun bit..where's the snow and the trees from?

 Have you guessed?
See the 3 dots..I snipped off one to create the snow, and the trees? the end of the arrow, just stamped twice on top of each other. It makes a lovely wintery scene!
Don't forget to stock up on your sequins here too! Sadly, the 'Oh Yeah' set I've made my trees with has slipped out of stock but you could totally do something similar with this set
It doesn't take very long before you start looking at all your stamp sets with new eyes! This set with the rabbit (or hare perhaps) and fox would make lovely winter cards, plus that wreath is begging to be made into a Christmassy one!
Do let me know of any sets you've changed up, or other ideas for re-purposing sets!
See you next week,


Julia Altermann said...

That's brillant, Keren! It took me forever to see the stamp you used for the trees! I had to go through my stash tonight to see if I can come up with something similarly creative :)

Ingrid Kristina V said...

Very cute card, love the quiz... :) x