Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Narwhal Alert!

 Hi! Hope you're ok and wahooo.. it's December.
I recently got this set, 'Critters in the Arctic'
Isn't it great? 
I have to admit not knowing what a Narwhal was- even though I've seen Elf. 
I immediately thought of Santa's sleigh- and imagined the Narwhals pulling it over the Arctic. 
Yes, my brain goes strange places.
See the little hat? Thought I'd give them each some warmth and a little personality. By angling the hat and placing it in different directions, you can make them look a little different.
I added a piece of red thread through their bodies (don't worry- I found a fleshy bit that didn't hurt). I gathered them together and attached them to the inside of the front cover. I've created the ocean with some vellum.
The sentiment is using the Milo's font stamp set

I just created the sky using some distress inks and made some little 'sleigh pieces' out of Snow Days paper
I have so many ideas for this set- you might find it popping up on some other Tuesdays.

See you next week,

Keren x

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