Saturday, 22 June 2013

Now for something a little different

On Tuesday i said i would be back with something different and here it is.
A Lawn Fawn bracelet.
These are surprisingly quick and easy to make.
Your also not just limited to a bracelet as they can be made as key chains and more.

This is the finished bracelet.

Here is what you will need to make one.
Patterned paper i have used Lawn Fawn.
Twine, again i have used Lawn Fawn's Lawn trimmimgs.
Glue...any will be fine.
A BBQ skewer
Nail top coat/hardener.

To start the beads you will need to cut your patterned paper in to strips these are purely your choice.
I used long thin triangles.
You need to wind around the skewer securing at places with your glue.

Once that is finished and the glue has dried cover the bead with your clear nail varnish and allow to dry thoroughly....this may need a second coat.

You will have lots ready in no time at all :)
Now onto the the string part.

Now the picture above shows how you start.
You will need 2 or 3 long pieces of twine. 
Double one so that it goes around your wrist and then some more.
I have used one extra long piece of twine, you mark the half way point and lay it under the part measured for your wrist. 
Then tie a knot. Any knot will be fine.
Making sure you leave a loop as this will be important for securing the bracelet when worn.
I then took the twine on the right sight and put it over the middle two.
the left side twine then goes over under and over before tightening.
You continue this ( is easier to use two different colours for each side.) only ever taking the same bit of twine over the top.
So the right hand side will become the left hand side after the first time but still take it over the top for the next time.
You will know if you have taken the wrong piece of twine as the bracelet will start to twist and will not be flat.
I hope that all make sense.
Carry on until you want to add your beads.

Adding the beads is really simple.
When you get to where you want the bead to be simply thread each piece of twine through the side its on.
Pull tight to secure and carry on .

It will soon start to look like this.
To finish this i just used a button which goes through the loop created at the start.
I had so many ideas when making these i wanted to stamp lawn fawn images on to shrink plastic to make it a charm bracelet for my daughter.....but where is the shrink plastic when you need it lol.
Please note that this is not waterproof the beads wont like getting wet at all.

I used Lawn Fawns 
Lemon Single Twine
Lemon twine

Pink Lemonade Single Twine
Pink lemonade twine

Pink Lemonade Petite Paper Pack
Pink lemonade and Daphne's closet paper pads.

All Lawn Fawn products used can be found right here.
I hope you enjoyed this (long) post and have a go at making some of these :)
Thanks for looking.


Julie said...

Great idea!

Traceyr said...

These are gorgeous and I love that twine.


She King said...

Oh I love this Kate :-) I'll have to read the instructions again, goodness knows how my twine would end up!!!! Love S xxx

keren said...

What a great use for bits on paper & all that lovely twine!