Monday, 17 June 2013

You Are Simply Amazing....

Hello there, Lydia here! Happy Friday....opps I mean Monday! I know my usual day to post on Make the Day Special is a Friday but Lou has some very special vistors over so we have swapped just for this week. Lou I really hope you have a great time catching up :-D !!

Ok for today I have made a simple card where I believe the sentiment makes all the difference.....

The fabulous sentiment is from W Plus 9 and I soooooo can't wait for the pre-orders to turn up. Although this little sentiment isn't in stock at the moment there are plenty available which I need!!! And I think that Label Layers 4 would work just as well.... if not better. 

Ok, that's me for now, hope you have a great Monday !!!!  

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keren said...

This might be a duplicate comment but Google sign in is playing up.
Lovely layers-colour combo is gorgeous. An all round fab card!