Friday, 14 June 2013

Yay It's Friday!!!

YYYEEEEAAA HAAAA ! It's Friday, love love love Friday's ! It's take-out night for me (Lydia), and the mini-mes love it as Taidy (Grandad in Welsh) and Grandma Lyn come round for tea. I love Archie's little face when you tell him is Friday, he goes off to nursery a happy lil guy when he knows!

Ok, enough of my love of Friday's .... and onto another love , Paper Smooches...... and the start of a new love affair W Plus 9

(To be fair I could give this card to Friday's , hehehehe.....)

Those adorable little guys come from the Paper Smooches set Woofers and Tweeters - how cute are they ?!?!?!?! I then coloured them up using another love ..Copics! The super cute sentiment is from W Plus 9- this is sadly out of stock at the minute but I'm sure we will have it again soon. 

Well I hope I started your Friday off well- now go enjoy the rest of it :) 

Have a super great FRIDAY!!!

Hugs, Lydia xxx

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Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

This card is so cute.