Friday, 12 June 2015

Helping Hands...

Hi everybody,

I've got a set of cards to share with you today.

All made with the same, Paper Smooches, 'Hip Hands', and 'Group Hugs' sets.

The title's a bit of a give-away, but this set is all about the hands!  Now I'm a fan of hands - I think they're so symbolic.  We give with them, we celebrate with them, we create with them...the list is endless, which is why I thought this set would match perfectly with the positivity of the 'Group Hugs' sentiments.  I love how suitable these sets are for both sexes, and people who aren't quite so in the 'cutsie' side of things.  I'm also quite sure there's a million things you could 'transform' the hands into if you let your imagination run free.  I, however, used them in their literal sense for my set.

All my cards are made up pretty simple;  some straight forward stamping, a little additional heat embossing to make certain areas 'pop', and then all embellished with enamel dots, gems, and some colourful twine, on the 'bright' card in the set, to match up with the ink colours used in the stamping.  

I'm not sure what it's called when you make your hands into a heart shape, but I love that it's represented in 'Hip Hands'...and I'm sending it to all you lovely lot right now :)

I'd love to see what imaginative ways you come up with to use this set.  As always, all products used are linked below - so go unleash your creative juices!

See you next week.


                                                         Hip Hands      Group Hugs


misteejay said...

What super fun cards. I love the cheery colours.
Toni xx

Keren Baker said...

These are fab cards! Love the first one particularly ! x