Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Spray Tan Stamping?

Hi! Hope you're having a good day?
Actually.. the title is a little misleading. No spray tan, but definitely spray stamping!
Here's how.
Grab a stamp. The clear photopolymer are really great for this technique as you can see exactly which colour & how concentrated the colour is on the stamp.
You can do this with any dye ink, but obviously distress inks are a great choice.
 Once you're happy with the distribution of colour, simply get a spray bottle or mister and spray onto the stamp. Less is more initially- you don't want it so watery that the colours become a big brown mess (unless that's entirely the look you're going for!)
 Now- stamp onto your chosen card. With any luck you'll get a little bleeding of colour but still showing the rainbow of colours.
 You may find there's more colour in one area than you want, so just grab some kitchen towel and dab off until you're happy. Obviously you could add more water at this point if you want a more soft and watercoloured look.

And the finished card?
I've used this great little stamp from Neat & Tangled
For the sentiment and tag, I've added in this 'Gifts For You' set
I have tried the same idea but first dabbing the colours onto a mat and then adding water. It doesn't give as vibrant or clear an image. Oh, and in case you're wondering- it is already mounted onto a thin acrylic block the same size as the stamp!- you'd have a job mounting it after all that inking!
Do have a go.. it's great fun experimenting.
What's the favourite technique that you've discovered recently?
Do tell!
See you next week

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Karen Ashbrook said...

Great technique, great card. Karen x