Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Rosemaling and Blue!

Hey! Hope you're all ok.
Truth be told, I had no understanding of what this Rosemaling was- I just saw a beautiful stamp set.
Turns out its origins are in Norway and the word means 'decorative painting' painting in Norwegian.
Enough of the history lesson..but the style is pretty distinctive and whilst I was researching I came across a painting that just stopped me in my tracks 
Isn't it incredible?! This was painted on a church pew in a traditional style in the US somewhere. I thought I'd give it a go in a different medium- using just dye inks, alcohol markers and a white gel pen.
The stamp set is called 'Really Rosemaling' by 'Lil Inkers'
Easy to make, altho a little effort required 😉

 I wanted to do no-line colouring but after looking at the complexity of the shape and the amount needed, I thought I'd just stamp in dye ink first & then add detail and shading with alcohol markers
Now the fun bit..not!
Cut each and every one out.
Arrange them however you fancy!
and you end up with a really different looking card. The sentiments are great too- I just chose one I'd get the most mileage from! I added some extra details using the small foliage stamps stamped in chalk ink

then...gather up all your leftovers. I've got a fair few left, but thought I'd continue in the blue vein as I'm enjoying the dark blues. Gathered together like this, you could see a rolling sea couldn't you!
 I've just given it a distress inked background using different blues. You could get a similar effect with dye inks too.
Hope you liked my nod to decorative painting. They have some skills !

See you next week

Keren xx


Jane said...

This is fabulous such lovely patterns thanks for sharing x

Kate said...

This was really interesting. I enjoyed the history lesson! The cards are gorgeous too. What a great way to bring life to what at first glance don't look like the most exciting stamps!

Jill Neary said...

Oh wow, Keren, these are stunning! truly truly beautiful! You've made me swoon! will have to give this a try :)

Judy said...

Thank you so much for teaching us this amazing style. I've never heard of it before and you've explained and demonstrated it so well with these great stamps. I'm sure I'd never have used them to such great effect so thanks again xx

Keren Baker said...

It's a pleasure- I'm so glad I learned all about it! x

Keren Baker said...

Thankyou! It was fun for me too- I know what you mean about the stamps- but actually they're a great set to be creative with! x

Keren Baker said...

Ha! Thanks Jill- doesn't take much to make you swoon then 😉 xx

Keren Baker said...

It's a pleasure Judy- thanks for commenting. It's totally new to me too! x