Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Decorations with Calories!

 Hi! Hope you're all enjoying the beginning of DECEMBER!
Wahoo. It's finally here. In lieu of having actual calories, I thought I'd just take photographs of some, or more precisely, capture some and save them for later!
 Well, a plain packet of sweets is not up to much, but create your own sweet filled tag or even something to hang on the Christmas tree or adorn your table. It's really easy, when you've got the perfect die!- (or this one if you want the dies that cut out the stamped characters from the matching stamp set too!)
I've backed the globe with the lovely' Let's Bokeh in The Snow' paper
It's just a case of gathering all the elements together (including these yummy mint M&M's)

Then just stick the acetate window into the frame shape. Add the blue snowy cut out to the larger outline piece and add a ton of foam pads.
When I say ton, I mean a TON. Unfortunately the sweets I'd chosen were super enormous. Let's just say it took rather a large amount of foam pads layers. Next time, I'm choosing some flatter sweets!

I wanted to add some glimmer and sprinkled in some edible lustre. It went everywhere!! I had to open it up, wipe out the lustre and re-seal. Fortunately, there was enough left to give a shimmer. Once I'd finished, I had the rest of the sweets to use up!
 This was really easy to make. No faff, no foam pads ;-) Here's what you need.

The tag set by Lia Griffith is perfect for this treat box. Simply make up a simple box shape. I just took the width measurements slightly wider than the tag shape.
I found a small acetate bag, added in the sweets and sealed it with the Candy Lane Washi tape
 Add the bag to the bottom of the box and then stamp out the 'Noel' and add to the tag.
Pull the tops together with twine and you'll find it makes a lovely shape.
Hope this gives you a push to creating your own favours, tags and decorations. If you don't like calories, just add a diamond ring or two ;-)


Ruth said...

Brilliant ideas! I hope you enjoyed the M&Ms!

Keren Baker said...

Ruth- they are completely delicious! Too much so in fact!! xx