Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Stamping on Mugs!

Morning! Happy Tuesday!
New stock is in (if you've been on the blog already, you'll know there is lots of lovely brand spanking new CAS-ual Friday's sets. I've used this one...
Now- the tag is fairly straightforward- I've hacked away (or trimmed!) at these lovely dies
If you look closely- I've just trimmed away the outer 4 'petals' to leave the smaller shape

The stamping on the cup? A little more tricky- I thought I'd show you quickly.... 
Stazon inks are crucial- anything else simply won't dry on the surface. You can create this look using any of the Stazon colours and certainly any crockery.
1.First, clean it - really well- grease and fluff will stop the ink transferring and drying.
2. Use a block or if you prefer, use the stamp unmounted. Clear stamps make it easy to see exact placement.
Before you start getting twitchy about using Stazon on your clear stamps; here's what you want to know! The ingredient in the ink which will potentially damage the stamps evaporates off so quickly that you're unlikely to do any damage. Ironically, it's the cleaner that will do more damage.
The Stazon cleaner is a MUST. Unless you're lucky and manage to stamp perfectly first time- you'll end up needing to remove the image (or partial image in my case ;-) ). It's really important that you DON'T leave the Stazon cleaner soaking on your photopolymer stamps. This is the stuff that will cause damage. (If you're using red rubber stamps- it's not an issue at all). Just make sure you wipe the cleaner off pretty quickly and wipe the stamp with kitchen towel or a wipe to make sure it's not remaining on the stamp.
3. It works (unless your item is super flat) by rocking from left to right/up and down. Ordinarily you wouldn't want to stamp this way, but for stamping on ceramics, it helps disperse the ink evenly. Just try and keep a steady hand whilst you're doing it (or wipe off with cleaner and begin again!!).
4. The beauty of Stazon is that you can heat set it on crockery. Granted, you need to make sure that your dish/mug is oven safe- but about 350F for about 30 minutes should ensure its wash safe (& most likely dishwasher proof- although I need to wash it a few more times to give that guarantee).
It's a fun way of getting stampy on a different surface and is great for pepping up plain mugs. I decided to stamp the back of mine too.

Hope you've enjoyed something a little different- go and get stamping!

Keren x


Kate said...

This is just Brilliant Keren and something i would never thought to try.
Kate x

Jenny said...

A really creative idea Keren :0)