Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Elephants are in the House

So, have you seen, we've got Mama Elephant stamps in the shop now - woo-hoo!  I love these stamps, the designs are fresh and funky and they stamp beautifully!   The hardest job I had this week was deciding which of my new sets to make a card with but in the end the penguins won the toss......

Only I decided to not go traditionally Christmas with them - I thought they looked a little like they were pointing at each other in that way kids do when they're blaming each other so I paired them with a sentiment from Say What to give it a fun twist.

I stamped the stitched hill a few times in grey and then stood the penguins on the hill and coloured them with copics but now realise I put the yellow in the wrong place for an emperor penguin - I need to watch more David Attenborough programmes lol!   They're still cute though ;-)

Enjoy the rest of you weekend - I'll catch you next Sunday.

Happy Crafting!

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Sarah G said...

Fun card - love those cute penguins! The sentiment set looks great :)