Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Coffee Spills

Hi! Hope you're all raring to go and bright eyed and bushy tailed? No?
Maybe you need some of this... a coffee fountain!
 Some days, I'm not sure even this would do the trick, although I'd probably have substantial palpitations trying to down such a lot!
I've used this set from Avery Elle
As long as you don't mind cutting a few coffee cups out- or actually, masking them would work just as well.
The little hearts in the set are perfect for adding a little colour to the scene and if you fancied making them cute, you could add the face that's in the set too!
The spillage was just using some distress ink with water added onto an acrylic block and then painted using a water brush to keep the ink fluid
I got a little paint-happy and sloshed it everywhere. I wasn't meaning for it to get quite that spilled, it even ended up in the left hand corner of the card too.
It was just like the butterscotch sauce all over my kitchen floor on Sunday.. but that's another story ;-)

It's a great set- full of fun images and useful sentiments.
Hope you have a great day, and don't drink too much coffee, (unless it's the really good stuff!)

See you next week,

Keren x


Pat said...

Hi Keren
I like your card, and the stamp set looks very versatile
Pat x

Keren Baker said...

Thanks so much Patricia- it's a brilliant set!

Dotty Jo said...

Gorgeous! Jo x