Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Interactive Cards

Hi! How are you ? Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend ( if you're in the UK, that is!).

You might have realised by now that I love interactive and 3D cards. I'm showing you one that was in PaperCrafter mag recently and thought I'd show you as it's using all Reverse Confetti products that are back in stock.

This card is capitalising on the word play in the sentiment set


I've simply cut out a couple of layers, including the acetate large circle and added the different layers above and below the circle 

By adding a brad to the centre and attaching ( without making it too tight) the different layers you can turn the top acetate layer ( using a washi 'handle') whilst the base layer is stuck onto the cardstock and this has the sentiment that you reveal by turning the circle


The little bits and pieces on the die really add to the donut effect ( if you can cope with the American spelling of doughnut! 😉).

Have a look at sentiment sets in store and see how you could disguise them partially and create your own interactive cards! 

See you next week, when they've all returned to school! 

Keren xx

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Holly Saveur said...

super fun!